Education and Public Spaces - schools, campuses, universities​​ 

By the time thirst is felt, there may be a loss of body weight up to 2% from water loss, and a 10% cognitive decline.  Even mild levels of dehydration can impact school performance.  Phillipa Norman M.D., M.P.H Healthy Brain for Life

Vestal self-cleaning and sanitising water bottle refill stations dispense filtered, chilled water. Ideal for schools, other institutions, public spaces and high traffic areas. Still, sparkling, chilled or ambient. 

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Events - concerts, markets or catering  

Vestal has provided water for up to 250,000 people at major events!​​ 

If you are an Event Organiser, serious about minimising environmental damage, reducing clean-up costs, measurably lowering your event’s carbon footprint and preventing plastic pollution, you need to speak to Vestal. 

Vestal Event Systems are safe for public use, self-cleaning and sanitising designed and designed to suit a range of events, from 100 to 10,000's of attendees, indoor or outdoor. Packages include branded reusable drink bottles.

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From Just



Filtered, chilled and Carbonated water on tap 

Add wine, beer, cocktails or other keg products


Tap water varies enormously in quality. It may contain plumbing corrosion, chemicals to control algae, colour, organic matter, synthetic pollutants, heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides.

Vestal offers compact solutions efficiently combining filtration technology with easy change in-line cartridge filters to produce high quality pure water while removing pollutants. One year back to base guarantee. Includes all fittings required for installation.

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Workplace - staff and client hydration covered

Tired of lifting, storing and ordering water bottles for your water cooler?

​Advanced filtration technology with our chillers provides endless  pure water for your staff.  

Fully-serviced and maintained lease agreements or for outright purchase. 

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Bar-top, under bar or free-standing options

Chilled still and sparkling water, On-Tap wine/beer/cocktails

Selection of fonts including bespoke

Widest commercial range 50 to 250 litres per hour capacity

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Serviced and maintained rental option or outright purchase 

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ALL Vestal systems certified to AU/NZ watermark standards